Getting It Done

There is a branded survey website where applicants can take the assessment.

Your ATS will send an automated email with the link to the survey to all applicants. This will not require any work on the part of HR or others to administer once set-up.

The customized algorithm will screen candidates in or out.

HR will receive a daily results email simply indicating if candidates are screened “in” or “out”.  They will indicate this in your ATS. There are also options for this to be imported and done automatically based on what ATS is being utilized. “Out” applicants will receive a rejection email. “In” applicants will then have their resume screened to determine if they are a skills/experience fit for the role and the rest of the selection process that is currently in place will progress.

Long term, MatchFIT is working on developing a strategy to “push” candidates, particularly, who are a fit for your organization to you. This leads to the opportunity to attract and hire candidates who are a fit for your organization that otherwise would not have known and therefore never applied for your openings. This will continue to increase diversity in hiring.

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