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Coach Students

MatchFIT helps students identify and understand their workplace culture preferences, so that they can communicate more effectively with employers about their interests.

Reach New Employers

Employers who recruit heavily on campus dedicate a large budget to connecting with students, but they often lack a targeted way to find students that are a good fit for their organizations. Smaller employers that do not have the budget or time to recruit on college campuses need a way to connect with students in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Improve Placement Rates

Higher education institutions are increasingly evaluated on placement rates, and career services spend a lot of time and resources on helping students find jobs.

Colleges have a custom URL for students to log in and take the assessment. The assessment takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Students will be presented with values statements, and they will rank the statements from most important to them to least important to them. Each student then gets a customized report outlining their MatchFIT Values Profile and how to use their results to drive meaningful conversations with employers.

MatchFIT is quick and simple, but it really gives you a meaningful output. It helps you quantify traits you feel but otherwise might have a hard time communicating. It’s a snapshot to help compare your values to companies in a clean, clear way.

– McKenzie E., MatchFIT User

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