How MatchFIT Helps Employers

Reduced Time-to-Screen

When the MatchFIT assessment is used as the first step of the candidate screening process, the overall time to screen is significantly reduced, which is critical as organizations embark on large volume hiring.

Improved Employee Engagement

The assessment matches applicants to your organizational culture. Research shows that better person-organization fit leads to employees who are more successful and achieve greater results for the organization.

Blind Screening

In addition, the assessment adds a “blind screening” element which is designed to increase diversity in applicant pools and in hiring.

Maintain Company Values

Managing screenings for cultural fit and contribution is easy for small companies  because they have such intimate involvement with every single hire.  As companies grow, maintenance of values becomes more difficult, and incongruity begins to develop between what the company values and what the people value. The assessment helps protect against that loss of congruence by screening out people who don’t value what the organization values, all while increasing diversity of candidates and hires.

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