Who Needs Hindsight?

Written by: Jillian Miles

Everyone is loving the imagery of the year 2020. “20/20 vision in 2020” is a top trending phrase. Kitschy as it may be, I’m sincerely enjoying the conversations about vision and clarity. There is something deeply real to be said about the importance of finding focus in both your work life and your home life.

There is a section of Benjamin Hardy’s Inc.com article, “How to Have 20/20 Vision in 2020”, that sounds like something I’ve said myself (probably to the slight annoyance of my friends who weren’t actually asking for my opinion):

You want and need to have vision. Without vision, you’ll be directionless. You’ll waste loads of time. You’ll get sucked into distractions. Your life will aimlessly go multiple directions, leaving you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, and without purpose.

We talk a lot about vision with our team. Every new consultant wrote her own personal mission statement during onboarding. We just developed a new training module on personal mission statements that’s rolling out with a client this month. We all really, truly, sincerely believe in the power of clarity in vision and mission.

A common phrase people use in life is “hindsight is 20/20”. My hot take: We don’t need hindsight to see 20/20. We don’t have to wait for retirement to look back and see what we were good at or what we were passionate about. Of course life and work experience gives us great insight, and you certainly learn more about yourself as you go, but we can work smarter by spending time on a “vivid vision”.

Hardy’s article includes notes from Cameron Herold on his concept of “Vivid Vision”. Herold advises us all to start writing our vivid visions without worrying about how we’ll get there. Thinking about the how before we even clearly define the what just makes the road ahead foggy. Write your vivid vision without restraint. Then tell everyone. Not just your best friend. Everyone. Herold shares two reasons for sharing your vivid vision with multiple people:

When you share it with others, they will begin holding you accountable to it.

Hearing yourself say it will cause you to believe it more. Your thoughts should become words, words should become actions, actions habits, and habits your personality and destiny.

Do you have a Vivid Vision that you’re sharing with others? Let’s lean in to 20/20 in 2020 and find clarity at work and at home by writing out a clear vision for the future. Who needs hindsight?

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