The Power of Front Row Parking

There are two types of people in the workforce: those who immediately tell their friends when they get recognized at work, and those who don’t. 

A very good friend of mine recently won an award at work and did not tell us. She works hard and stays humble, and it’s not in her nature to brag; but it’s in mine, so huge shoutout to my award-winning friend Kate! 

Kate’s values profile indicates that she finds fit in organizational cultures that are Relaxed and Informal, Collaborative and Supportive, and value Performance-Based Rewards and Recognition. Thus, receiving a performance-based award (with perks!) is a good motivator for her. Especially since the perks include front row parking for the next quarter! 

When employers match the values of their employees, employees feel motivated and are more productive. Every day that Kate parks upfront, she’ll enter the building with a boost in confidence and increased work engagement. Because she also values collaboration and support, her extra confidence and engagement will roll over into being a more effective and influential member of her team. 

What s your equivalent of front row parking, and does your employer offer it? There is power in incentives when they match employee values in a relevant and meaningful way. 

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